Facial Treatments

Here at the Beauty Retreat we do not categorise our facials into typical "skin types". Our skin changes on a daily basis...which is why I advise all my clients who feel overwhelmed by the range of facials when booking online  ...simply book a 'Skin Fit" Facial...purely because it allows us another 15 minutes -it's never decided which facial you'll have until we sit down on the day, when I can see your skin and listen to your needs and concerns -then we decide together exactly what will give you the results you desire.


As our facial treatments are customised exactly to your skin's specific needs, during a full consultation, we will sit and discuss the exact results you want from your treatment as well as your main concerns, and together decide which facial would be most beneficial to you.
We will then create the perfect recipe for the most effective results, and maybe throw a bit of Microcurrent or Oxygen treatment in for added results!
SkinFit Facial.JPG

Luxury Organic Facials

Geneo+ 4 in 1 Super Facial**


60 Minutes

The Beauty Retreat is proud to offer the very latest advancement in award winning facial technology.

The GeneO+ Super Facial will deeply exfoliate, rejuvenate and oxygenate the skin whilst Tri-Polar Radio Frequency (skin tightening) will immediately brighten, tighten and contour the face, resulting in an almost “shrink wrapped” effect. Catch a glimpse of your younger self! This super-relaxing facial treatment is a must for skin requiring refined texture, increased radiance and youthfulness, fantastic results also on pigmentation and acne scarring. Provides incredible instant and long lasting results (2-3 weeks from one treatment) Fabulous also as a back or hand treatment.

Skin Fit Facial Treatment


75 Minutes

Take your skin to the gym with my signature Facial Treatment:

Two amazing treatments combined...
Advanced Microcurrent technology (Non Surgical Facelift!) combined with an indulgent bespoke Organic Youth Juice Facial covers all skin concerns and gives your skin a powerful workout.

By re-educating the facial muscles, stimulating collagen & elastin production, features such as the jaw line are defined, cheeks plumped , eyes and brows lifted & an over-all youthful glowing appearance is achieved. This is an amazing treatment with immediate results. Created specifically for those who like the relaxing, pampering element of a hands on facial, but with the results driven  benefits of state of the art technology.

"Unique To You" Skin Rejuvenation Facial


80 Minutes

Layering a multitude of skincare technologies alongside award winning products.

The results are a tailor made facial treatment "Unique To You. We will "cherry-pick" elements from all our facials to deliver the best results physically possible. Micro-current, Oxygen, Radio Frequency, LED, Sonic Exfoliation, whatever is required to give you the ultimate indulgent, relaxing  yet results driven facial.

This is truly a unique service for those wanting to get the most effective instant results without the need to resort to more invasive treatments. 

Quickly Clear Acne Treatment 


60 Minutes

This treatment is tailored to your exact needs. After a full consultation, we will incorporate either microcurrent or oxygen (possibly both) to decongest, heal and repair troubled skin...leaving it clearer, calm and more comfortable 

Rest & Repair Oxygen Therapy Facial


60 Minutes

Like a "breath of fresh air" Using 95% pure oxygen to stimulate new skin and improve product penetration, this deluxe facial truly revitalises your skin & instantly improves your well being, both inside and out. No wonder it's a treatment favoured by VS models proving to be in high demand before Red Carpet events.

Bio-Jets pump pure oxygen at high pressure, pushing the bespoke products deep into your skin for immediate benefits. We then pass the Bio-wand over the skin infusing it with hydrating mist massaged in with a kiss of oxygen. A prescriptive masque, bespoke to your skins requirements is applied, at the same you benefit internally from breathing in the oxygen from the Bio-Dome whilst the masque penetrates your skin

Combined with "botox in a bottle" to target your key areas of concern, your skin will be left with an airbrushed, flawlwss finish- who needs botox and fillers?!


Bespoke Organic Youth Juice Facial


60 Minutes

A blissfully indulgent hands on organic facial personalized to your specific needs.

Whilst you relax on our heated couch, allow me to to in "feed" your skin with a variety of Eminence Organic skincare products contain rich, powerful ingredients. Enjoy a blissful hand and arm massage whilst the products work their magic, culminating in a facial massage like no other leaving your soul refreshed and your skin glowing .As with all my facials, you will leave with a bespoke home-care plan for you to maintain your skins health at home.

Dermalux LED Facial


60 Minutes

Dermalux LED is an award winning  medically certified device providing great results for overall skin health.

LED hugely benefits all skin types and is programmed specifically to address your skin concerns,

Suitable for every skin concern from anti-ageing to acne, rosacea, eczema, pigmentation and scar healing on the body as well as the face.

LED greatly improves open pores and skin texture and inflammation

Full LED facial consists of cleanse, sonic exfoliation, masque and application of bepoke aftercare products. 

The benefits of a pure LED facial are geared towards those with acne or rosacea who would need to attend regularly bi-weekly sessions just for this treatment salon 

Dermalux LED Treatment - ADD ON


30 Minutes

Add Dermlux LED onto any facial to really maximises your results 

Ultimate Platinum Lifting Facial


60 Minutes

More than just a facial.... A Non-Surgical alternative to going under the knife!

Redefine your features from the first treatment.

Advanced Micro-current technology gives your skin a powerful workout by re-educating the facial muscles and increasing collagen and elastin production

Wrinkles softened, jaw line redefined, jowels lifted, cheeks plumped and eyebrows uplifted .Your skin will be left totally rejuvenated, glowing and radiant .