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advanced luxury facials

Here at the Beauty Retreat we do not categorise our facials into typical "skin types". Our skin changes on a daily basis, so if you feel overwhelmed choosing which facial to book, I would advise to simply book a 'Skin Fit" Facial...purely because it allows us a little longer together to discuss which facial will be most beneficial to you.


All my facials are customised specific to your skin's needs, and on the day of your facial during a full consultation, we will sit and discuss your main concerns and the results you would like to see from your treatment, then together we'll decide which facial will be most suited to your skin.


Then I'll create the perfect recipe to give you the most effective results, and maybe throw a bit of Microcurrent or Oxygen treatment in for added boost!

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The Geneo+ 4 in1 Super Facial

60 mins   |   £139

The Beauty Retreat is proud to offer the latest advancement in facial technology. The Geneo+ deeply exfoliates, rejuvenates and oxygenates the skin whilst the Tri-Polar Radio Frequency (skin tightening) immediately tightens and contours the face and neck. This superbly relaxing facial is a must for skin requiring the latest approach to anti-ageing, with instant & long-lasting results, one treatment giving a 2-3 weeks lasting result *Courses are available -contact us for more information*

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Skin Fit Facial Treatment

75 mins   |   £129

Take your skin to the gym with my signature facial treatment Two amazing treatments combined... Advanced Micro-current technology (Non-Surgical Facelift) combined with the indulgent and sensory Youth Juice Facial this treatment covers every skin concern. By re-educating the facial muscles, features such as jawline & cheeks are defined. With immediate results, perfect for those who like the pampering elements of a “hands on facial” with the added benefits of state of the art technology.

Bio-Therapeutic "New Blue Facial"

60 mins   |   £130

Introducing the world’s most popular new facial. Featuring our world-renowned Bio-Ultimate® Platinum microcurrent technology, this advanced skin energizing, lifting, and firming service begins with ultrasonic deep cleansing and exfoliation. By intensely smoothing, brightening, and polishing, dull skin is irradicated to reveal and prep the skin for facial architecture precision lifting techniques. Our signature and proprietary Turbo lift program offers an energizing boost to ATP and improves skin tone and elasticity. Skin is renewed, plumped, firmed, lifted, and energized for a glow from within and a radiant airbrushed effect. The most elite service for any special event, no filter required!

Derma Lux LED Facial 

45 mins   |   £85

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) provides great results for overall skin fitness. LED benefits all skin types and is programmed to differing frequencies/colours for each skin concerns, from anti-ageing to acne and scar healing, pigmentation, rosacea and tissue repair. Greatly improves open pores, skin texture and colour. The full LED facial consists of Cleanse, exfoliation, application of bespoke aftercare products. LED is super effective on all areas of the face and body.

Quickly Clear Acne Treatment

60 mins   |   £118

This treatment is tailored to your exact needs, after a full consultation, we will incorporate either individually or both of the Micro-current and Bio Oxygen machines to both de-congest, heal and repair troubled skin, leaving it clearer, calmer and more comfortable.

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“Unique to You” Skin Rejuvenation 

90 mins   |   £169

Layering a multitude of technologies alongside award winning products. The results are a tailor-made facial treatment “Unique to You”. We will “cherry pick” elements from all of our facials to deliver the best results physically possible, Micro- Current, Oxygen, Sonic Exfoliation, Radio-Frequency, LED, whatever is required to give you the ultimate results driven facial. This is a truly unique service specifically designed for your exact needs.

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Rest & Repair Oxygen Facial

60 mins   |   £118

Using 95% pure oxygen and infusions of collagen and elastin to stimulate new skin and improve product penetration. The Rest & Repair Facial is favored by those with busy lifestyles that reflects in their face leaving skin looking tired, dull and grey. This facial is a known favourite amongst Victoria Secrets Models and instantly adds life and glow to tired skin.

Ultimate Platinum Lifting Facial 

60 mins   |   £118

More than just a facial. The Non-Surgical alternative to going under the knife! Redefine your features from the first treatment. Advanced Micro-current technology gives your skin a powerful workout by re-educating the facial muscles, stimulating both collagen and elastin production, leaving wrinkles softened, eyes de-puffed, jawline redefined, jowls and eyebrows lifted and cheeks plumped. Your skin will be totally rejuvenated…...who needs Botox & Fillers!

Dermalux LED Facial Bolt On

20 mins   |   £35

Bolt Dermalux LED onto any facial to further enhance the results and overall skin health.

Bespoke Organic Youth Juice Facial

60 mins   |   £99

A blissfully and indulgent hands on organic facial personalised to your specific needs. Whilst you relax, allow us to “feed” your skin with a variety of Eminence Organic beautifying skincare products with rich, powerful ingredients. You will enjoy a blissful hand and arm massage whilst the powerful ingredients work their magic, culminating in a facial massage like no other, leaving your soul refreshed and skin glowing.

luxury organic body treatments

The Pinks Boutique Signature Body Treatments combine rituals and techniques from both the East and West.


Uniquely blended with our signature product range these treatments will allow you to experience fully body detoxification, relaxation and invigoration whilst being cocooned in aromas, flavours and textures that will soothe your soul, your senses and help you escape.

A complete mind and body encounter that will take you on a journey of the senses.

Pinks Back & Beyond Treatment

30 mins   |   £65

A soothing and detoxifying back exfoliation is performed and removed with hot towels. Your choice of Pinks Boutique organic oils will be slowly massaged into your back, easing away tension and ensuring an overwhelming feeling of relaxation.

The "Out Of This World" Massage

75 mins   |   £125    

90 mins (includes mini facial)   |   £145

Please note we only offer female massage at Middlewood . Named  by our clients for how it leaves them feeling! This massage will relax your muscles, and balance your being, cleansing body & soul. We begin with a Himalayan crystal foot soak with fresh petals and an oil infused sea salt scrub to the feet and lower legs. Once transferred to the heated couch and cocooned in warm blankets, an indulgent pressure point & meridian energy channel full body massage is performed from the soles of the feet up to the crown, covering every body part, and also incorporating an element of hot stones to the back massage. The culmination of this unique massage is a heavenly head and facial massage like no other, leaving you feeling “Other Worldly” This treatment is always performed by candlelight for ultimate sensory relaxation

luxury organic hand & foot treatments

Pinks Boutique specialist Organic manicures and pedicures are raved about by beauty journalists with the ‘best manicure ever’ being a common quote. Once you have experienced one you will never go back to the norm. 


At The Beauty Retreat, we believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than nature. That’s why we use Pinks Boutique complete ranges for body, hands and feet. Made here in England from natural and organic ingredients accredited by the Soil Association. Each product is made to the highest professional standards, but without the need for chemicals, harm to the environment or questionable ethics – and we’ve made sure that it looks, feels and smells as gorgeous as a luxury spa product should.

manicure landscape.jpg

Pinks Boutique Eco-Chic Manicure

60 mins   |   £70

"A Facial For Your Hands" The ultimate in anti-ageing hand treatments using luxurious organic, chemical free products. We begin with a Himalayan Mineral Hand soak combined with rosebuds and fresh limes. We then use Ultrasonic Exfoliation as more commonly used in our facial treatments to provide an intense removal of dead surface cells, and a sea salt and essential oil scrub all the way up to the elbows. A bespoke organic masque will then be applied; all will be removed with hot towels. Then for the detailed cuticle work and nail shape, topped off with an indulgent hand and arm massage and a slick of nail varnish. Pretty nails on youthful looking smooth hands!

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Pinks Boutique Eco-Chic Pedicure

60 mins   |   £70

Begin with a fresh lemon and rosebud foot soak, showered Himalayan mineral crystals, with a fresh lime cuticle treatment. Then exfoliation is provided with a sea salt scrub infused with organic oils massaged into the feet and lower legs leaving skin silky smooth. Once the foot soak and exfoliation is complete you, will recline on our heated treatment couch where detailed cuticle work, hard skin removal and nail shape will take place followed by a heavenly lower leg and foot massage with Pinks Boutique hydrating balm. Completed with a polish or buff to finish.

Please note 24hrs notice of cancellation is required or full cost will be incurred.

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